About Saguru

Saguru was established to support your business goals by activating your most valuable business data.

Working with the best global data and analytics experts, we are ready to arm you with the best tools, methodologies and best practices to deliver your most effective data-driven strategy.

In order to acquire knowledge you need to continuously learn, research and explore new ways of thinking, finding new sources of information.

"Data Driven",  " Single Source of Truth"  and "Customer Centricity" are 3 highly over used phrases and so we have decided  to make these over used and unrealized concepts  into reality by teaming up  with the best global Vendors and data experts .

Whether you are a business leader or a data scientist you need to constantly improve your business models and for that you need a partner who can help you :

  • Bridge the Gap between Business and IT by using the best in class , unique , easy to use data driven technologies , methodologies and best practices.

  • Access all your Data and activate it fast, in real time 

  • Establish a solid Strategy for : connecting, preparing, organizing, managing, visualizing, sharing and consuming data across your organization.

  • Get you the best people, knowledge and expertise to manage, explore and integrate your widely spread and siloed data.

  • .....

Saguru is proud to be the first and only certified partner of DOMO and denodo In Israel.


DOMO – www.domo.com 

DOMO is the leading business optimization software and the only platform capable of bringing your business, and all the data it relies on, together in one place.
Domo takes BI and business management to the next level by putting the right information into the hands of the people who use it and need it—at the right time and in the correct context. It’s a self-service, automated pure cloud solution that is transforming the way people manage their business.


Saguaro is DOMO's only Certified Partner  in Israel









Denodo – www.denodo.com

Denodo is the Leader and the Only 100% Data Virtualization Company.
Denodo Data Virtualization platform integrates data from disparate sources, locations and formats, without replicating the data, to create a single "virtual" data layer that delivers unified data services to support multiple applications and users. The result is faster access to all data, less replication and cost, more agility to change.

Knowledge is power! So Join us and Arm yourself to excel in the brave new data-driven world.

Fore more Information please feel free to contact us :  info@saguru.io